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Wondershare PDF Editor Editor Review

Wondershare PDF Editor

It is an elegant PDF editor because of its simplicity. It allows users to edit PDF file easily and intuitively. Almost every available tool is on the toolbar, no hidden submenus, or strange names for the tools. When edit a PDF, users just need to select the tool on the tool bar and begin to edit.

  • Edit PDF file easily and accurately;
  • Annotate with sticky note, shapes and freehand tools;
  • Drag and drop to merge and split PDF files;
  • Insert, delete, crop and add pages to PDF;
  • Convert PDF to Word and Rich Text;
  • Support PDFs created in any program.


It doesn't have the feature of generating PDF from Word and Text documents.

The Verdict

This is a simple, professional PDF editor for ordinary people to edit and convert PDF files.

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User Reviews

User Reviews ( 3 )

A little deeper review
gigi | 2012-05-10 11:20:27

As my second experience, I tryed basically to edit a document. Notes: every time you finish editing and close the program - the new and the original document became unresponsive for the next time you try to open or edit some of the them!!!! Also the insrt a link don't work correctely with PDF XChange Viewer. Also the last Zoom used is the one that the reopen doc will use as mask of edition, means you reopen one original document that you were editing before and saved with different name but you finisihed editing last time in Zoom 125% so the next time you open the same original document, it opens as standard view but when you try to edit the fields appear out of position until you set the same zoom as the last using/editing so all the pieces come to the right position - no more floating fields with no letters even with the cursor moving in there - so it is a bug!!!
Whatever, it is in Beta - should be fixed soon! Thanks

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Third experience
Gigi | 2012-05-10 11:35:07

I tried more a little this editor and I get surprised: the errors noted in my second review didn't happen since I edited another version of the same original document and came back to another version and it now opened ok.
Also for my positive surprise the Annotation tool and the Covert tool (to docx) worked very well!!! without any mistake.
Still left to test some other features but as a Beta version looks interesting at least - is not perfect as a Adobe but works still is not sharp as a Foxit but has several features too and is easier than a Thor editor or more compact than a PDFill tools. Let's try the next versions.

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TranslatorMx | 2012-05-15 20:58:51

Este programa es una excelente opcion para la edicion y creacion de documentos en PDF, a pesar de estar aun en fase Beta tiene una gran cantidad de caracteristicas que lo hacen unico, ademas de ser muy estable aun en trabajos pesados, ofrece una interfaz limpia sin agregados molestos, esta creado para el fin que se persigue, permite la edicion de documentos sin provocar cambios indeseables en los documentos asi como la creacion sin contratiempos.

Como una pequeña sugerencia y que considero que aumentaria en mucho sus expectativas para una gran cantidad de posibles clientes es su traduccion a un idioma diferente al ingles, de hecho, podemos auxiliarlos en este proceso para que el programa este traducido al español.

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